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Shark Bite Kit


This kit is a collaboration between Unplanned Peacock Yarn, and Lara Smoot Designs.

You will get:

Peacock Sock (merino and nylon sock yarn)

1 full skein 

1 half skein

1 x 10 g mini skeins 

3 x 5 g mini skeins

the pattern by Lara Smoot Designs (unless you've already bought it) - you will receive this pattern as a digital download for Ravelry.

2 bloody beads

(the socks in the picture are representative of the colors of these skeins, but this picture is NOT all Unplanned Peacock Yarn.  Lara used what she had on hand to do it.  However, your yarn will be gorgeous and make some terrific shark socks!  Pictures using 100% UPP yarns are forthcoming.  We are knitting as fast as we can!!)

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