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Dumpster Fire Yarn


"WTF you guys?  Did you see the news?  I just can't even!!!"


To combat a tiny bit of the insanity in the world, we are doing a summer fundraiser.  

With this yarn we will donate $10 per skein sold to the ACLU*.  This yarn is designed to either be used individually or as a set that variegates from light to dark.   We hope it cheers you up with its colors representing hope and unity coming out of darkness.

If you really want to get crazy, you can do a temperature scarf and use the emotion that comes into your mind the first thing in the morning when you see the news!

OMG - Rainbow 

SMH - Rainbow with Black

WTF - Intense Rainbow with a lot of Black

Due to the complex dyeing process and the number of colors on each skein, they will differ skein to skein, but we'll try to match them up as best as possible for you if you are ordering multiple skeins.

If you want an extra big set to do an enormous project, you can add a black (Raven) and a white.  Sets of 3 give $30 to the ACLU, and five give $50.

This yarn will be available in Twisty Sock and Twinkle Twist (400 yards per skein) and DK and Twinkle DK (230 yards per skein).

This is our attempt to have a little laugh and raise some money, so we don't cry.

*Why did we pick the ACLU?  They are active in many areas, nationwide, dealing with many issues, and we didn't want to prioritize one important thing over another.

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