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Epic Journey Blanket - Temperature Blanket


Have you heard of Temperature Blankets?  This is where you knit a row for each day, with the color varying according to the average temperature outside.  This is Unplanned Peacock's Epic version - and it is EPIC.  You'll get 25 half skeins of UPP super squishy superwash aran weight yarn (2250 yards!), a pattern, and instructions on how to customize this blanket to your own personal climate patterns.  This is going to be a huge blanket, but good news, you can always stop early if you feel like it's big enough, because it's circular.

I won't have an actual sample done of this blanket until 2019 - but if you want to join me on this journey, this blanket is going to be a starburst shape  - circular with slipped stitches, decreases and increases.  It will be suitable for beginners who know how to make increases.  The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Every single blanket will end up different, and your blanket will be a personalized memory piece.  Do it for a year that you want to remember!  Perhaps for a pregnancy, an engagement, the last year of high school, whatever you want. 

I'm starting mine on January 1, 2018 but you can start yours whenever you want, for a unique story blanket! 

We are now offering a quarterly shipment option on this blanket, to make it more affordable.  We will send you the group of skeins (6 or 7) starting with the season you are in.  The downfall of this method is that you might have to record temperatures and delay your knitting if the weather is unusual.  This option will renew 4 times.

Here are the UPP colors that will be included:




Little Red

Cotton Candy

Palette Yellow Orange


Palette Yellow


Rattlesnake Plant

Palette Yellow Green

Moss (new color!)

Lamb's Ears

Cool Mint


Kyanite (new color!)

Gummi Shark

Crater Lake


Palette Violet

Purple Jade (new color!)

Tanzanite (new color!)

Spinel (new color!)

Blue Lace Agate (new color!)

Crystal (new color!)

There's simply no way to know how your weather will impact the amount of colors used in this blanket.  If you need extra half skeins, you can order them here.


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