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Morphic Peacock Sock


Our Morphic series is a limited edition transitional color yarn.  They are made with complex dye processes that give you a set of 5 matching 25 g skeins (116 yards per small skein, total yardage is 580).  You can either blend the color ways or use them in color work.  


This is made of our Peacock Sock, 25% Nylon 75% Superwash Merino, a smooth feeling yarn, 7-8 sts/inch on a size 1-3 needle. 


These are limited edition, when the color way is sold out, it's gone forever!  


You can do many things with this yarn - stripes, mitered squares, entrelac, but if you want a more shaded look:


Recommendations for your Unplanned Peacock Studio Morphic Peacock Sock:

This is not your typical gradient yarn in that it varies in color, intensity and shade. Therefore, you can play with color in new ways – you can arrange the skeins in order of hue (red, orange, yellow) or shade (light to dark). You can do coordinated stripes OR you can blend your skeins like this:

Knitting Flat – Knit color 1, when you want to change:

K 2 rows color 2, carry the yarn up the side of the piece,

K 2 rows color 1,

then repeat this sequence for 6 rows, then k with color 2.

Knitting in the Round – Knit color 1, when you want to change:

K 1 row color 2

K 2 rows color 1

K 2 rows color 2

K 1 row color 1, continue with color 2.

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