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Thread Holders


These thread holders are just what you are looking for to easily keep your embroidery threads organized and accessible.

You will get 26 individually made thread holders that are sized for a standard size file box that are labelled with the most up to date DMC color numbers including discontinued colors (we all have them in our stash!)  You can fit your entire DMC collection in a file box, in pre cut lengths.  We will also include a thread measuring guide and six blank holders free.  The blank holders are great for specialty threads or as project specific holders.  Each holder stores 20 skeins of floss.

The Economy set is made of 1/8” Maple Plywood.  It's unsanded and unfinished, but it still looks really nice.  It's perfect if you want to try it out, or you are on a budget. 

The Deluxe set is made of 1/8" Red Oak, hand sanded and finished with a clear shellac.  It's for those of you who have to have the very best.  It's very sturdy.  Since the Oak is thicker, it will take up more room in the box, but it is also very strong and durable.  Keep in mind that Oak is a natural product so there will be visible woodgrain/possible imperfections in the wood which adds to the charm.

The Acrylic set is made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic.  It's your best bet if you want something acid free.

If you would just like blank holders, you can also get them in packages of 8, which includes a thread measuring guide.

If you would like a different type of fancier wood, just contact us.

NOTE:  Wood is not acid free.  If you are looking for conservation quality storage, the Oak set is coated with shellac which is a barrier against the wood, but I don't guarantee that these products are completely acid free.  If you do want a set that is completely acid free, order acrylic.


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