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Time Traveller Garter Stitch Scarf


Long ago, and far away, this scarf was made famous.   It, however, is ENORMOUS, so we are also offering a half sized version where you can either knit it half as wide and just as long, or just quit when you run out of yarn. 

We based it on this pattern.

It's made with our super squishy Superwash Aran Weight yarn, 180 yards per skein.  The full size comes with 8 180 yard skeins, the half size comes with 1 180 yard skein and six half skeins.  Keep in mind the colors will be kettle dyed, so they will have some natural variation, and be our own interpretation, although I will try to get as close as possible.

The picture is just a placeholder showing Superwash Aran for now!

This is an introductory price which will increase in September!

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