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Ultimate Spectrum Collection of Peacock Sock


Are you sad I won't be dyeing yarn anymore?  Well, this is your chance to get the biggest assortment we have ever offered.  This isn't a random assortment, you will get a rainbow of colors all the way around the spectrum.

The colors are a mystery, but will be monochromatic so you can use them in any cool colorwork you desire. HOWEVER, you can pick the basic color theme you will get.

The yarn is Peacock Sock, 460 yards per skein.   It's 25% nylon/75% Superwash Merino.

We are giving you 2 options as far as kit size and price.  The Ultimate option will include 26 skeins of yarn.  You will get 25 colors plus a neutral color.  You will get to choose your neutral color.  

The other Deluxe option is 14 skeins (13 colors plus a neutral color).

Shipping is FREE to US addresses!  


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