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Wave Runner Kit


The Wave Runner Ponchette is a favorite piece in the UPP Booth.  It's featured in Hilary Latimer's book "Happy Hour".  This is a piece you can throw on and off, and it looks great on every single person we've tried it on, regardless of body shape. The knitting is easy but not mindless, and it shows off the variegated yarn brilliantly.  This is your project for summer knitting at the park.  

This garment runs big.  We have the medium size in the booth, and it has fit everyone that tries it on (It's essentially a wide cowl, and it's stretchy).  However, if you want a larger one, go with the larger kit.  Honestly, though, most people fit in the medium.  

The kit includes:

3-5 skeins Superwash DK

The book Happy Hour (optional, but it's the only way to get the pattern!)  The yarn in the kit is the color shown on the cover. 

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