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Your Secret Santa


The holidays - don't you love them?  UPP can be your personal secret Santa!

I'm sure you know a deserving crafter that could use a box of good cheer.  Or, maybe, no one on your list is going to give you what you really want - YARN!  Or - your partner wants an easy way to make your holiday special!

This is your chance to surprise someone (or yourself) with some UPP Yarn and other amazing gifts - at a discount!

How this works:  You'll pick the person who you'd like to randomly treat (or yourself - we won't tell).  You'll have to know their address and their favorite color. You'll need to enter that in the box, otherwise I won't know who to send it to.  If you want to do more than one gift, you'll need to enter the first one, then back out of your cart, enter the second one, etc. 

Your choices are:

Yarn Present - They'll get a skein of fingering weight or worsted weight yarn - tell us your friend's favorite color.  They'll also get a pattern that matches the yarn, and either our Fuckflake ornament or a more tame 2020 yarn ornament.  It will all be packaged in a UPP bag.

Ultimate Present - They'll get a skein of fingering or worsted weight yarn, matching blacksmithed shawl pin by Rabenwald Metalsmything, and book of patterns by Criminal Knits. You'll also get one of our new UPP bags, and a naughty or nice ornament.  Tell us your buddy's favorite color, and we'll find something they love!!

This will only go until December 15th, so we know when the Post Office will get them the package on time, so don't wait!

USA Shipping is INCLUDED with these presents - so you can check out with multiple gifts and your cart should not show any shipping.  If you buy other items at the same time, those items will have shipping (unless your total is over $100, then shipping is free).  If you are in another country, please message me so we can figure out the right shipping rate.

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