2014 Spring Preview

I have made the decision to retire a vast majority of UPP's traditional colors.  Never fear, BRAND NEW colorways are around the corner.  Starting in January 2014, I will be dyeing limited edition colorways which will be available for six months.  I am hoping this will keep things fresh and exciting for my customers! 


So, without further ado, let me introduce the 2014 Spring Colors in their sketch form!  I'll be dyeing samples all month, and putting the new colors up here and on Facebook, but here is a preview.  These colors are inspired by plants and animals of the seashore. 


I hope you enjoy them!  The nice thing about this grouping is that all the all yarns should look good together, which will help in colorwork.  All of the colors can be dyed on all of our yarns.


Natasha Laity Snyder

LOVE the new colors and concept!!!

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