Congratulations to Orla Carey, October Knitter of the Month!

photo by Erika Morton

Orla Carey has been crocheting since her mother taught her as a child, but for the last 4 years has been concentrating on knitting.
She is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which is a medieval and renaissance re-creation group.  She makes bobbin lace, bakes and sews in her spare time.  She lives in the Washington DC area with her two housemates and her cat.  A friend introduced her to Unplanned Peacock yarn at an event several years ago and now Orla collects hand dyed yarn whenever possible.

I have known Orla for years now, although we only get to see each other when I rarely go to SCA events.  Alas, that entertaining part of my life pretty much ended when I started travelling to fiber festivals.  I highly recommend doing things with the SCA  if you are interested in the medieval and Renaissance time periods, or if you have kids that are.  The people you meet are amazing, and you can take classes in almost any craft, taught by experts, for free or inexpensively.

Orla has knitted extensively with UPP yarns.  Here are some of her projects:

Marywarmers knit with Frog Superwash Merino Fingering

Twirl knit with Starling Alpaca Sport

Hand Charmer made with Sun Conure Superwash Merino Fingering

Thanks so much Orla, for making such beautiful projects with our yarn!

If you want to enter into our monthly Knitter of the Month contest, send us pictures of projects you have made with our yarn.

Orla Carey


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