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First off, welcome, Holla Knitters, thanks so much for taking the trouble to visit my blog!  Subscribers will all be getitng a copy of the wonderful pattern "The Crash" by Sarah Hurwitz.

The Crash out of Onyx Superwash Merino Worsted

If you aren't familiar with Unplanned Peacock Yarns, take a moment to learn about us.   Today, I'd like to showcase some of my favorite projects I have seen that have been made with UPP.  They will give you an idea about how the yarn knits up.  Our colorways are dyed in such a way that pooling should be very minimal, and you should get an even distribution of color.

Fern Superwash Merino Worsted - notice the great color distribution!

On to the projects!

First off is Christy Straight's soft and elegant Haapsalu Shawl - named "The Elliott Shawl" in honor of her cat.  I dyed this yarn to match her kitty's fur coat.  I love doing custom work, especially when it is used in such a special project.

Haapsalu Shawl out of Slate Whisper Lace

Next is this crocheted afghan by Fran Stafford.  She made it out of many different green tones of UPP Superwash Worsted. It's so pretty!  The benefit of using hand dyed yarn that has as much color complexity as some of our colors is that you can do a relatively simple piece and it will turn out effortlessly gorgeous.

Afghan out of Superwash Merino Worsted

Jennifer Crow had some random skeins of UPP lying around, so she made this epically huge shawl - it is such an interesting shape and the color choices are wonderful!

Travelling Companion Shawl,

designed by Karen Strauss, Forest Superwash Fingering Merino and Whippoorwill Peacock Sock

Next on the list of UPP awesomeness is Frosti Goodeman's shawl made out of Lagoon Peacock Sock.  She thinks this shawl is too busy, but I love it.

Shawl in Lagoon Peacock Sock

One of the most accomplished knitters I know is Catherine Long.  She knit this enormous Shetland shawl out of Whisper Lace.  If you've done battle with even one skein of Whisper, you know it's a true marathon - and she used TWO!  I love the way she did the colorwork in the border, it adds so much to an already heirloom project.

Shetland Shawl out of Blossom and Cream Whisper Lace

These are only a select few of the many amazing projects people have made.  If you want to see more project pics of UPP yarn, check out our gallery or browse the back pages of our blog!  If you make something, whether a basic garter stitch scarf or a tablecloth sized shawl, please send me pictures!  Not only do I love seeing your work, but you might win Knitter of the Month and get a free skein of yarn!

Free Pattern Giveaway

Wait, there's more!  As a thank you to the Holla Knitters, here's a free scarf pattern, done with any skein of Unplanned Peacock Fingering Weight Yarn.  This will ONLY be available through the 20th.  This pattern was originally done for our Yarn Club.

Basil Scarf Pattern


Natasha Laity Snyder

Love seeing my baby afghan on your blog. Love your yarn.

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