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As you know, we are moving and we are clearancing out our yarn.  

This is the cheapest price this yarn will ever be at.

You will be saving 30-60% on a grab bag of any hand dyed product UPP offers. The more you buy, the bigger the discount.  You can pick fiber, fabric (fat quarters of cross stitch fabric), or yarn.  Colors are up to me, but if you have a preference, like Muted, Variegated, etc, put it in the comments of your order.  You can specify the weight of yarn you want, otherwise I will give you a variety!  If you are allergic to a fiber, please specify it in the comments.

The difference between skeined and labeled and un-reskeined/unlabeled - when I dye yarn, after it's dyed and dried, I re-skein it making it neat and pretty, and put a label on it.  I have a lot of yarn here that's not re-skeined.  My lack of time is your gain!  The blue skeins in the photos show an example of un-reskeined yarn.

Positives of buying the un-reskeined yarn:


Just as pretty

Same great yarn


You may encounter problems re-skeining - the reason we re-skein is to save you any tangles, etc.  Most of the time the yarn will be just fine, but with the cheaper cost there is slightly more risk of a messy skein.  I still try to straighten it out decently before twisting it.  A WHOLE LOT of hand dyers ship their yarn without reskeining it.

It won't have a label, but you can specify the weight, so general guidelines for estimation are:

Lace:  800 yards

Fingering:  400 yards

Sport:  320 yards

DK: 230 yards

Worsted: 218 yards

Bulky:  100 yards


(Fabric and Fiber don't have an un-reskeined and unlabelled option)



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