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6x6 Pet Painting Commission


As all my friends know, I've been doing fine art again after a break of many years.  I'm at the point now where I'd love to do pet portrait commissions.  I'm offering these at introductory prices right now because I still consider myself a student, and I'm really looking to practice and build my skills.  They will NEVER be this cheap again.  

Here are the details:

1.  I will try my best to have them turned around in 2 weeks or less.

2.  You have to, HAVE TO, provide me with a high quality, high resolution photo!  Upload them to the site here!  You can upload multiple photos and I'll pick the one I think will work best.

3.  Since they are a standard size, I can frame them for you if you want!!  The frames are very nice, the color is black, but will increase the cost because they will be much heavier to ship.

4.  Size will be 6x6 for these small portraits.  The framed size is 10.5x10.5.  Unframed portraits will be on a panel that's about 3/4 inch thick, framed portraits will be on a 1/4 inch panel that fits in the frame.

5.  This price does include shipping.

6.  Right now, I'm into realism, if you want something different, let me know.  I want happy clients so if you don't like your piece, let me know.  If you want something specific, contact me, but it may cost more depending on what it is.

7.  These will be either oils or acrylic as I'm experimenting to see if the oils dry fast enough to make them work.  I prefer oils.

10.  One pet per painting, of course if you want more than one pet in the same pic, it will have to be bigger and more $$.

11.  Please, if you are happy with your portrait, tell your friends!  I will use pictures of this art on social media.

Thanks!  Follow my Instagram account, @unplannedpeacock to keep up with my work.

If you want a bigger painting or digital art, either email me to discuss or for a slightly larger painting or drawing, click here.

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