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Icelandic Fleece


This is raw, unprocessed Icelandic fleece.  It is highly skirted, but it is unwashed, so you may find bits of plant material.  Icelandic wool is a historical fiber that has been unchanged since the Viking era.  It is dual coated, but both coats are great for spinning.  The long outer coat, or Tog, is silky and strong, the inner coat, or Thel, is very soft and fluffy.  You can spin them together by carding them, or separate the layers.  Lamb fleeces are very soft.


Icelandic wool comes in a variety of colors:  White,  Moorit (brown), Moorit Grey (brown grey), Black, Black Badgerface (dark underneath, light on top), Moorit Badgerface, Black Mouflon (black on top, light belly), Moorit Mouflon (brown on top, light belly), and spotting patterns.


Your fleece will come from a single sheep.  We raise our sheep humanely for the wool, they are never slaughtered or sold for slaughter.

Staple length varies from about 2 inches to about 9 inches!

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