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Pet Painting Commission


As all my friends know, I've been doing fine art again after a break of many years.  I'm at the point now where I'd love to do pet portrait commissions.  I'm offering these at introductory prices right now because I still consider myself a student, and I'm really looking to practice and build my skills.  They will NEVER be this cheap again.  So, I'm offering only TEN of these commission spots.  Here are the details:

1.  There's no timeline on these.  I promise to give you my best work, but there's going to be a wait.  I'm offering them at reasonable prices, so they have to be prioritized after all yarn dyeing is finished.    You absolutely cannot nag me about a finish date.  If you want a commission painted faster, we can negotiate "rush" prices - for Christmas, for example.  

2.  You have to, HAVE TO, provide me with a high quality, high resolution photo, where the pet is well lit.  I can't paint what I can't see.  If you are local, I could even come to you and take pics of your pet.  The more pictures the better!  Please send these to as soon as possible.

3.  These aren't framed or matted.  Paper pieces will be shipped on a backing board to keep them flat.  Try to touch the actual painting as little as possible to minimize fingerprint damage.

4.  Size will be approximately 8x12 on a 12x16 piece of high quality, Arches, 300 gsm watercolor paper or 8x12 canvas.  If you are looking for something bigger or smaller, please let me know and we can negotiate.

5.  This price doesn't include shipping.  If you buy $100 worth of product from my website shipping is free (so that means the oil paintings will ship for free).

6.  You won't have input on the style of these, just the medium I use.  They could be fun, silly, serious, or realistic depending on what I'm into at the time, and depending on the feelings the pictures you send me evoke.  Just trust me.  If you hate it, I'll do another one.  If you want something specific, contact me, but it may cost more depending on what it is.

7.  Oil paint takes several weeks to dry.  Oil paint is also by far the priciest material to use, hence the higher price.  It also takes the most amount of time to achieve an excellent result.  One tube of high quality oil paint costs about $25 and up!!!  However, nothing is classier than oils.

8.  Digital is an option, which is of course much cheaper because I will email you the final product, and there is no materials cost.  This is great if you want to use it on your website.  You can also print it from home at any size.  I WILL NOT SEND YOU A PHYSICAL COPY!  No reproduction for sale rights are included.  If you want bags/shirts/mugs etc made with this art on it to purchase, let me know.

9.  I can paint other things besides pets, just ask!

10.  One pet per painting, of course if you want more than one pet, just ask.

11.  Please, if you are happy with your portrait, tell your friends!  I will use pictures of this art on social media.

Thanks!  Follow my Instagram account, @unplannedpeacock to keep up with my work.

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