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Superwash Merino Worsted


Our Superwash Worsted is now at clearance prices!  You can suggest certain colors and I will try to get close.

A 100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn.  It is soft and bouncy, and good for pretty much everything - baby clothes, socks, garments, hats...

Machine washable.

4-5 sts/inch, size 7-8 needle.  218 yards, 100 g skein

Take a chance on our colors and get a deal since we are going out of business.  You can suggest a color on the Skeined/Labelled yarn and we will try to get close.

If you want a super duper bargain, get our dyed but unskeined and unlabelled  yarn (this is yarn that has been dyed, but just twisted vs our normal level of polish which involves reskeining it so it is perfect and putting a label on it).  All sale yarn is non refundable.  Unskeined/unlabelled yarn is our choice of colors.

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